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The present web site (except the sites eventually connected with it) belongs to company S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A., and it has been established according to the directions of italian law. It is possible to get into the site from different Countries all over the world .Since each of these Countries is ruled by own lawmaking which can differ from the Italian one, both sides agree that while entering into the site for all the matters deriving or concerning the contents or the use of the web site,  they will be ruled  by the italian legislation. 

Application extent 
This site has been studied especially for users located in Italy but, all the information concerning service, functional characters and eventual promotions are valid also for navigators coming from other Countries.

Intellectual ownership
Copyright and intellectual ownership, complete text, pictures, sounds, software and any kind of material included in it, belong exclusively to S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A. or they have been included after permission of the corresponding owner. The internet navigator is allowed to visit this web site and re-produce some extract by printing, by unloading data on hard disk and by distribution to other people, but in any case only in order to inform and as long as the intellectual ownership of all the contents is clear.Any kind of reproduction even partial of the site if not for domestic use or personal information is forbidden. No web site reproduction or parts of it can be sold or distributed for commercial purposes even modified, or included in any kind of work or publication either in printed or electronic form.Any kind of not permitted use or in contrast with law will be persecuted from S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A. either civilly or penally.

Distinguishing marks 
All brands exhibited on this site belong exclusively to S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A. or in any case they can be used by S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A. after licence/consent of corresponding owner. Every kind of public reproduction is forbidden. The brands include without any limit, the “names”, the “places”, the “name of products” and the “slogans” which characterize the services of company S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A.  The unauthorized use of any brand included in this web site is absolutely forbidden. 

All information appearing of this site have been included in good faith only in order to supply general information, on whose accuracy and completeness we do not give guarantee.S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A. however, has the right to modify and to amend the site without notice.

The present site can contain some links to other Internet sites on web. This does not imply that S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A. is involved in these sites or in the corresponding owner companies, or that the same sites have been verified or approved by S.I.D.A.T. S.p.A.before.Either the company, or its officials, employees or representatives are dismissed from any responsibility concerning the connected web sites or the information which they contain.

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